Stand as ONE.

A New Approach to Gun Violence in America

GVS Foundation is placing an emphasizes on the public health aspect of gun violence. We want to engage and empower survivors of gun violence in America, as well as the public at large, by talking about guns in terms of their effect on public health.

Join Us & Be Part of a Movement

Gun violence in America accounts 30,000 deaths and 80,000 non-fatal injuries per year. The effects of gun violence are not only felt by the individual victim or victims, but touch the lives of their family, friends and communities throughout America as a whole. Let’s join together as a nation and support those survivors in need, please, register today!



A bullet does not discriminate,

does not have its own agenda,

and impacts innocent people

regardless of race, gender, or class.

Heal the Invisible Wounds of Gun Violence

Stand together.
Speak together.
Heal together.