Stand Together. Heal Together.

Every Survivors Needs Are Unique:

Emergency Services & Health Care Expenses.

Physical Therapy Expenses.

Mental Health Care & Counseling Support.

Funeral Planning & Assistance.

Relocation Planning & Assistance.

Household Support.

Legal Support, Advice, & Guidance.

Join Us & Be Part of a Movement

The effects of gun violence are not only felt by the individual victim or victims, but touch the lives of their families, friends and communities throughout America. Let’s join together as a nation and support survivors in need TODAY!

Their Campaigns.

Survivor Registry

Our Survivor Registry allows GVS Foundation to investigate the needs, public health issues and the road to recovery facing an individual survivor of gun violence in America. The registry will help create guidelines and have protocols in place to support the unique needs and challenges a survivor of gun violence must overcome as they heal. The goal of the registry is to monitor the well-being and health of people affected by gun violence in America. This will allow GVS Foundation to create and effectively implement programs that engage and empower survivors of gun violence.

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