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TROY’S STORY: A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

Renee Whitmore, Troy’s mother, received a phone call in the early morning hours of June 7, 2014 from her young daughter, and it was the unimaginable phone call that every parent dreads. It resulted in her first experience with gun violence, and today she needs financial help in purchasing a headstone for the burial plot to honor her first-born child and only son, Troy K. Smith Jr.

They took my son from me. I don’t look at the world the same. –R.Whitmore

Troy was a 23 year-old man with a promising career in Criminal Justice, but tragically fell victim to a deadly crime himself. Troy had been employed as a security officer and had recently taken a test to become a Corrections Officer. The results of his test had been mailed and opened by his mother, Renee, and to her excitement, she discovered he had indeed passed.

I never thought anything like this could happen before. Never in my life.-R.Whitmore

Troy and his uncle, Atiff, were out together on June 7, 2014 in West Philadelphia. An armed man held up their car in midst of a robbery and Troy exited the vehicle, only to be shot once in the back. His uncle sat in the passenger seat and bore witness to his nephew’s murder when the perpetrator then turned on him and quickly began to fire, shooting him 10-14 times.

“I pray that someone speaks up.”-R.Whitmore

The single shot to the back pierced his right lung and ended Troy’s life. His uncle Atiff miraculously survived the savage shooting after being riddled with multiple gunshot wounds, but life for him has forever changed as he was now completely paralyzed from the neck down. One precious life and the future of another have both been lost by a senseless act of gun violence.


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