Our Mission:

MISSION: Gun Violence Survivors Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting individuals affected by gun violence in America.

Gun Violence Survivors Foundation supports survivors and their families through the emotional and physical aftermath of a crime involving a firearm in America. Our Foundation eases the financial impact placed upon them as a result of this crime. The GVS Foundation exists to aid survivors and their families by providing resources and services, and to assist in the funding required to promote mental and emotional healing.

If you are a survivor of a crime involving a firearm, you may be eligible to create a campaign TODAY, and crowdfund to support a variety of expenses. Gun violence in America is ever-present, shows no prejudice, and it is impossible to tell who may fall victim to its heinous prowess. Survivors often need physical and/or mental health care, assistance with funeral expenses and household support. And that’s just the start.

Life is an uncertainty: we never know what our days will hold. While the yearly death toll involving firearms has thankfully declined over the past few years, there are still countless unsuspecting bystanders caught in the deadly crossfire.

The GVS Foundation would like to introduce some of these brave survivors as well as families who have tragically lost loved ones to random and senseless acts of gun violence.  In solidarity, the hope is that other survivors feel a neutral space to share their stories and continue the process of healing.

We invite you to see the world from their unique points of view. Take a moment to read the stories they so courageously have shared. A bullet does not discriminate, does not have its own agenda, and impacts innocent people regardless of race, gender, or class.

Make a difference in the lives of gun violence survivors by partnering with us today!