About Us:

Who We Are.

Gun Violence Survivors Foundation is dedicated to supporting survivors of gun violence in the United States of America.


What WE Do:

We Collect Donations to Provide an Array of Services Addressing Specific Needs Facing a SURVIVOR of gun violence in America.

GVS Foundation is privately funded, and thus far all of its expenses have been paid by individual donors.
To date, no contributors are members of any organization committed to advocating or opposing gun control.
This model allows 100% of funds raised by a ‘Survivor’s Campaign’ to support their need(s) listed.

Why WE Do It:

A bullet does not discriminate, does not have its own agenda, and impacts innocent people regardless of race, gender, or class.

Gun violence is an all-too prevalent subject that appears in news outlets, social media, and blogs on a daily basis.
Unfortunately, supporting the needs of survivors is seldom heard over heated gun control debates in America.
Survivors are unique, so we address their individual needs to promote mental, physical, and emotional healing.

What WE DO NOT Do:

We AVOID gun control / firearm legislation debates in America.

GVS Foundation does not lobby or advocate for or against gun control legislation in America.