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    Troy K. Smith Jr's life was taken by a senseless act of gun violence in Philadelphia, and only took One Bullet. All funds raised by this campaign pay for Troy's Headstone Marker!
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    Alejandra Leos, a transgender woman of color was shot to death steps away from her home in Memphis, Tennessee. All funds raised by this campaign support her funeral expenses.
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    Philadelphia Native and Survivor of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting, Patience Carter sets her eyes to become the next Miss Black AMERICA! Time is running OUT & needs YOUR support! Donate Now
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    Atif Smith was quadriplegic after being shot 10-14 times and left to die. He miraculously survived the incident, but sadly lost his battle on March 14, 2016. Please, support the Smith family purchase a headstone marker to honor Atif.
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    Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office is mourning the loss of K-9 Officer Cigo, and crediting the animal with saving his handler's life, in a shootout on Christmas Eve. The shooting left the K-9 Officer Cigo dead. You can DIRECTLY support Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office in obtaining a replacement K9 Officer! ** ATTENTION DONORS: Please specify your contribution for this campaign by selecting #K9Cigo on Donation Page. **Donate Now
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    Michael Thompson Jr. lost his life after suffering a gunshot wound in Philadelphia on September 29th, 2017. He is survived by his fiancée, Michelle, nine (9) children, and one grandchild. Donate Now
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    Melvin Santiago lost his in the line of duty after serving just six months . Campaign funds raised will be used to create a memorial in his memory and all fallen JCPD Officers.
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A R E   Y O U   A

Gun Violence Survivor?

Share your story.

Participate in an interview to share your real story of SURVIVAL in order to help raise awareness about the different obstacles on the path to recovery from Gun Violence.

Let the WORLD  know.                                                    

               Shed a light on Survivorship.

Inviting those who have been shot, and the family and friends who live with the affected or have lost loved ones to Gun Violence, to tell their stories, voice their opinion, and educate the world.

If interested, email us at:


Note: Any and all profits from this project will be used to directly help gun violence survivors. Download a one-page summary of the project here.

A New Approach to Gun Violence in America

GVS Foundation places an emphasis on the various needs and challenges an individual survivor of gun violence encounters. Our goal is to engage and empower survivors of gun violence in America. 100% of funds raised by a ‘Survivor’s Campaign’ support their listed need(s), which allows you to watch the direct impact YOUR donation made in their life.

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A bullet does not discriminate, does not have its own agenda, and impacts innocent people regardless of race, gender, or class.




Gun violence shows no prejudice &

Harms people from all walks of life.

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